The Voice Season 6

The Voice Season 6
The Voice Season 6 is the 6th installment of the NBC television hit series where contestants (already phenomenal sounding and proven singers) must show off their goods to a group of judges. These judges are blindfolded and must judge solely on the sounds of the contestants voices. In the later part of the show, contestants from other judges must battle one another to win the ultimate prize.

The Voice Season 6 as expected sees the loss of two very influential and fun minds that brought a spice to the voice that made everyone’s food taste “oh so good.” Everyone must snap back to reality and understand that somethings can’t last. Though the concept and the minds returning are relatively the same.
We liked to believe that the show was based and founded on the voices that were heard. But we have come to realize that the relationships among the judges were just as important, if not, more! We see the re-emergence of an original cast of Usher and Shakira once again. They have been making the show better and better. This is not to diminish Christina and Cee Lo. But the dynamic of the two as they meld with Blake and Adam creates a voice fangasm.
Last Season, with the opening trailer or clip, we see that Adam and Shelton’s bromance is turning into something much more. Below will be the all new trailer for the new season of the voice. I am also excited to report that Levine has indeed picked “One Republics,” Ryan Tedder, as his guest mentor for the battle rounds. Things are looking pretty interesting.
With all this being said and for those of you who still don’t know when the return of Season 6 is, the return is suppose to air Feb. 24, 2014. Who will become the next talented individual to come from the voice? What judge will proclaim victory over the others? How will Usher use his sexiness to win over female voices? And most importantly, will Blake use a new opening line other than “So where are you from?”

Find out tonight as the next episode of NBC’s the voice returns.


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